Proxmox VE cluster monitoring

Create a pve readonly user

In order to monitor the cluster from the API, the best way is to create a read only user. PVE allows to create cluster users from the interface. Once added, you can log in from any node in the cluster.


Create the cluster user

Navigate to Datacenter / Users and click « Add »

The simplest way is to add a pve user:


Assign permissions

Then, you need to give the newly created user some privileges:
Navigate to Datacenter / Permissions and click « Add »

PVE allows you to give different levels of permissions. To get an overview of those permissions, navigate to Datacenter / Roles.

pve-monitor needs nothing more than read access, we will use PVEAuditor role. As we want to be able to read anything, enter / as the path and click the « propagate » checkbox so we can read subitems too.


That’s all, you now have a read only user set up for pve-monitor.