Proxmox VE cluster monitoring

Monitor a cluster

The ‘nodes’ are used to request the pve api. the first to answer is asked for the cluster status, so be sure to only add nodes from the same cluster !

See the example configuration file for syntax.

Note: You should create a read only user on your nodes. To do so, log in one of your cluster’s nodes and check Datacenter -> Users -> Add

If you used proxmox ve authentication server as realm, don’t forget to set realm pve to pve-monitor configuration file.

Then, go to permissions tab and give the user you just created the role PVEAuditor on path / with propagate.

Warning: the configuration file parser is quite silly, please keep it clean to avoid errors.

Define your cluster in Nagios configuration

add a file pve-cluster.cfg in /etc/nagios3/conf.d/